BERT base model (uncased)

  • v3


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  "prompt": "Paris is the [MASK] of France."


    "score": 0.997580885887146,
    "token": 3007,
    "token_str": "capital",
    "sequence": "paris is the capital of france"
    "score": 0.0004168384475633502,
    "token": 2415,
    "token_str": "center",
    "sequence": "paris is the center of france"
    "score": 0.00034646946005523205,
    "token": 2103,
    "token_str": "city",
    "sequence": "paris is the city of france"
    "score": 0.00030853183125145733,
    "token": 2540,
    "token_str": "heart",
    "sequence": "paris is the heart of france"
    "score": 0.0002590023505035788,
    "token": 2803,
    "token_str": "centre",
    "sequence": "paris is the centre of france"

import banana_dev as banana

model_inputs = {
  "prompt": "Paris is the [MASK] of France."

api_key = "{YOUR_API_KEY}"
model_key = "{YOUR_MODEL_KEY}"

# Run the model
out =, model_key, model_inputs)

print(out) # show the output